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"Manticore not landing" is back

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"Manticore not landing" is back

Lost 2 sets of Yutys and Rexes back-to back.

First time, some guy left a vulture at obelisk which I didnt see before starting fight. Manticore aggroed on the vulture (although its owner was OFFLINE) and never landed. How about you do not TP dinos of offline tribes ?

Second time, I made sure no other dino tp in Arena than mine. Yet, Manticore kept doing its stupid back and forth animation , then failing to land, then flying away - rince and repeat for 20 minutes.

Server didnt even lag much, had about 60 ms ping.

Why reintroduce this bug again ?

No, I did not bother to launch OBS to make a video proof of this. Just look at the past SE or Valguero videos I sent you over the years.
No, I do not want basic rexes for "refund", thank you.

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