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Please Shorten The SOTF Auto-Start Timer

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Please Shorten The SOTF Auto-Start Timer

Hello Wildcard,


Please shorten the Survival Of The Fittest (SOTF) auto-start timer to 120 seconds or less. Also while adjusting the timer could you please make it,  so that at if the lobby drops below the start match timer requirements it will not reset the timer. Or just let the lobby host start the timer when they want and let the lobby host set the auto-start timer.

I understand development of SOTF is no longer happening, but there are still people that play and if you could help us we would really appreciate it! Lobbies don't fill up like they used to so the timer takes a while to even start, then the timer is so long people drop and the timer resets it is all just unfortunate. This change would just be great help if you could please make this one modification.




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