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Hi, Idk if this is in the right spot so forgive me if it isnt.

So i am currently breeding sabertooths and I managed to get a mutation with a really cool colour however since both the parents aren't the same level i got a poor roll on the stats I want so its a lower level and not great to continue breeding . So I was wondering are you able to breed colours in, like say I get a great sabertooth stats wise would i then be able to breed it with the one with the cool mutation and get that very same colour?


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Yeah it can for sure be done, we've bred top of the line boss rex's over and over again until we got the stat and color combos we wanted. It just takes a very long time, to save yourself the trouble and time just breed them and if they don't come out looking how you want just let them die and try again until you finally get it. Dinos with crappy stats are still wroth keeping if they have a color you like it just takes a long time sometimes lol.

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