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Items disappearing off my dinos during teleport

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Items disappearing off my dinos during teleport

Recently since this Easter patch, I have a base in the artic biome, in the east teleport. When I am teleporting into that base where I have dinos... all the items that were on my dinos disappear. The food, the saddles, everything...

Also, I had a dino I was imprinting. When I left it has about 30 minutes until it needed care. After I teleported in and noticed it was dying because his food and items disappeared, I noticed his timing had gone from 30 minutes to 7 hours and 56 minutes.. ?? What ?

I just had to restart from scratch because the Easter event deleted my world and now this. Its getting exceedingly difficult to want to continue playing this expansion I just freaking bought..


Let me clarify. The items that disappeared are not on the dinos that are being teleported. They are the items and saddles that are on my dinos that seem to be within the area I am being teleported into. I had dinos just outside the cave, or possibly the area accepting the teleport, that were unaffected.

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I had the same thing happen i had built a platform base on a bronto with all my items, equipment, and dinos. I teleported all to a new biome looking for a fun place to explore on single player. After i teleported by myself without my base or dinos and came back, my entire platform base and saddle was gone along with all my other dinos saddles and inventory items. I basically have nothing now but my levels.

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