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3 hours ago, Anonamous said:

Taming a Doed

I have built a small trap by my base with a Doedicurus I put in it. I keep tranqing it again and again but it keeps on curling up and won't be knocked out. Are arrows fine or shall I do darts? 

best way to get one of these guys is to use tranq darts, and shocking darts are best if you can. However if all you have is arrows, make sure you shoot it in the tail when it is un-curled!

If you try to shoot it when it is curled up, it is pretty much taking  no damage or torpidity. 

Shoot it in the tail when its walking, it will curl up sooner or later, wait for it to uncurl, then shoot it in the tail again.....wash, rinse, repeat, till it is out

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