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Lost engrams because of update

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This is happening on PS4 as well... in my case, my level 104 character was suddenly level 1, but the points were still there to be allocated - it just said "level up is available" and I was able to put the points back into health, melee, etc. 

What's really fun is that every time you log off and then restart the game, it happens all over again. I have a couple of private servers with friends, and a SP game for all of the maps that I screw around on for building, etc. If you are in SP or on your own server, you can enable "creative mode" until they fix this. That's what I've done... PS4 players went from having all of their personal settings (harvest rate, breeding rate, etc) reset every time we logged off from the Genesis updated, to now this. I have no patience for "resetting" my character every time I log in. ?

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