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PS4 Settings Bug Fixed!

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Just now, AlJang said:

I am on the ps4 playing ark and split screen shows shadows on the top screen. is that the bug?


Ah, sorry, no that is not the bug to which I refer.  It's the annoying settings bug in which all. our custom settings (such as those found on the options page - music, camera shake, motion blur etc) were reset every time the game was started.  It wasn't a game-breaking bug but it sure was frustrating. It started happening when Genesis was launched, and it wasn't fixed in two updates since.  However, today's update fixed it. 

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25 minutes ago, MMaas said:

And it's replaced with a bug that set all stats back to start?

Jokes aside, stillso many bugs to go so be very specific if you call a bug fixed ;)

what the hell?? all my engram points and unlocked engrams are gone. im level 90 with no engram points! what are we supposed to do about this. only a few more levels till im maxed out, there is no way im going to be able to unlock every thing i had with just the few engram points im going to get before hitting level cap. does any one know of any fixes?

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I was ELATED to see that the settings bug had been fixed... however, now when my character is set back to level one every single time I start the game. The points are all there (I was level 104 before this) so I can re-allocate them, but seriously? That's almost as annoying as having to update my personal settings every time I start the game. Jesus Christ Wild Card.

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