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My name is Recon... 🤷‍♂️.

Hello... I haven't played ark for 2 years, so basically up until extinction. I have around 2000 hours or more on this game, have had multiple characters, all PvP Official and Smalltribes. I play on Xbox. My current goals are leveling bc my characters all disappeared, completing boss fights and unlocking tek engrams. I'm currently just shy of level 81 on one character, and 78 on a second (I always level 2) Smalltribes Official PvP, which I leveled in 1 day lol.

**Looking for a PvP God to take me on as a apprentice for the current meta**

I can play 8 hours or more a day, and my age is old af aka 39. Grinding for the swamp cave when I hit lvl 85 to push to 100 and beyond. Discord: xXRECON4GXx#4585

Xbox Accounts: xXRECON4GXx (Main), GRANDMASTERLVL (My Alt but lvl 81)

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