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MEK experts required - Seige canon self damage

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MEK experts required - Seige canon self damage

Hey all, 

Has anyone ever been blown up by their own siege canon on the MEK???

I was testing one out earlier on PVP.... and the first shot from the canon damaged the MEK which I didn't realise, so I shot another one and my MEK just exploded!!! haha.

what the...!?

.(I guess I should of tested shooting on single player,, but hindsight etc).

I didn't feel like I was too close to anything......but it was dark....so maybe it clipped a rock or something..????? Is that something that can happen?

The MEK is primitive ---- are they actually capable of firing the siege canon or what?

At first I was like DILO as I spent DAYS making it. Now I'm like, what's the deal with that??!




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