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xbox x, FPS, base build.

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I've had this problem before... for some reason, worse on Xbox One X than on PS4 Pro. Really large base builds will always have this problem unfortunately.

I have a huge base on the weather top on the island and that one causes significant FPS drop/lag when I'm flying into view of it - while it's rendering. Once I'm in the base, I don't have any issues though. There are things you can adjust like bloom quality, shadows, etc... here's a YouTube video that I used when I was tinkering with it. In my experience, it didn't help that much for me - again, I think huge bases will just cause this problem, but it might be worth a shot. Also, I'm not sure if it makes a difference or not, but possibly keeping the number of structures down... like you want a stone wall that's 4 walls high, use one giant stone wall instead of 4 individual walls. On that same note, stone (due to the texture detail) is one of the hardest building materials on FPS/lag. Metal is supposed to be much better (smoother texture, not as much detail) but obviously more "expensive" to build.


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I was right, here is a "before" example of my problem. If you can see it, I got the stat FPS tool up on the right side of the screen.
{apologies and forewarning, the xbox DVR website is very advertisement heavy} https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/wizardo3/video/92917332
So who would like to see ark at 9 FPS? NOT ME!

As for the youtube video, I seen this and tried it out, but don't think it worked so just went ahead and started tearing the base down.....17 game crashes....I had 17 game crashes while attempting to take it down!

This is a problem.

I finally got it cut down, and decided to rework some of the settings to see if I could get it to run better {why does game designers hide PC graphics settings on console? I want to dumb it down or amp it up just like pc >.>} But Im back to a rock solid 30 FPS, with moments of up to 60 FPS. Hell I had a spike of 75 for awhile and almost cried at how beautiful it ran. XD
Still got problems with inventory management tho. Everytime I move stuff around, it keeps dumping to 10 fps for a split second.


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