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Ferox duplication + Ferox despawn mid tame

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Ferox duplication + Ferox despawn mid tame

I was trying to tame a ferox today:

1. When the ferox transforms from it's big form back to it's little form,  it sometimes duplicates itself.  I had a level 90 ferox surrounded by 4 dino gates just outside the ferox cave.  Upon transformation, I opened the gate and found 2 identical level 90s each with equal taming meter.  I fed 1 another element and when it transformed back again, I found myself with 3 exact copies: 2 with the same level of tame, and 1 with the previous. 

This would have been great and everything except I had a hard time feeding the correct ferox and they ended up killing eachother.  

2.  The much more common bug I found was also during taming:   When a ferox transforms from big form to little form it will occasionally fall through the ground and despawn.

Let me tell you, the funnest thing is to be at 94% on a level 135 ferox only to have the thing completely disappear and you lose all that element.  Totally didn't rage quit. I promise. 



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