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Devs n support tickets not replying

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22 hours ago, DarthJafo said:

Or fix essential game breaking bugs like Skylord artifact not spawning. I do NOT want to go down the admin command rabbit hole because then why keep playing? Bad enough there's enough SP options to essentially make me invulnerable.  

I hear your pain bro, the SKYLORD artifact problem reported years ago, and never fixed, is what made me realize WC just doesn't give a damn, they have no proper QA, the game is not playable from start to finish without cheat codes and they didn't even notice, or more likely they don't give a damn

if you look it up on youtube, on every ARK walkthru, the streamer uses a command line to spawn the artifact where it is supposed to be LMAO, totally normal way of playing a game

and on topic I filed a ticket about it and many other major bugs such as broken beacons, and I never got a reply and the bugs never get fixed either, I have never seen a development team that is such a broken mess

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22 hours ago, Kenjix said:

Devs n support tickets not replying

Everyone says ark is dying because of duping blah blah but it’s actually dying because you all don’t response email I have sent now 33 emails 0 have been replied too. Anyone else have this issue?

Perhaps sending email after email moves you to the end of the queue.


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