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My survivor(character) deleted

My character is deleted when server reseted.I need this to resolve quickly before my stuffs get decoyed
Date of incident: 01.04.2020
Character Level: 107
I was at Ragnarok434 for less 10 minutes than server crashed  many times mine and
My  friend's survivor got deleted .We try to reconnect ragnarok434  but our survivors not there . We played a lot of servers ,Me and My tribemate lost survivors so we cant reach any of our bases  i know you cant give my survivor back Atleast can you force add to  my last tribes at played servers . We Played  GenOne655/Aberration374/Extinction494  we had 3 bases we played as BlueSentinels please give us our base back ss.thumb.png.5b4136fb1ae55c9f3e70cabafb593bd9.pngi think you can check players who plays in servers  My game name is Elrothien my friend's name is Akarulez

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