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Accessible cameras from PS4 a surveillance system



Accessible cameras from PS4 a surveillance system



i work all day. I love playing ark. But... 

sometimes I want to make sure everything’s running smoothly but can’t. 

What if you add a surveillance system inside the ark where a survivor installs it and it runs off of electricity accessible with an encrypted code and barcode scanner via a users phone and only by that users phone. The survivor would download the app and then access the surveillance security system and move and view the cameras inside the ark... this will allow a player to also check up and inform allies for help or use voice option to scare off intruders...

And of course there can only be a limited amount of cameras like 8 tribe user and only  achievable through Tek tier. 

I mean it’s 2020, we have Tek suits, guns and all the electronics we need but no camera system? Come on guys let’s sign a partition... 



please make it happen 

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