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pvp ☄️Armageddon ☄️| WIN $$$ | Cross-Play | 7-Map | 10x | 8Man | Custom Drops |

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☄️Armageddon Cluster ☄️| FRESH WIPE: 3/28 | 5-Map | 10x | 6 Man | Custom Drops |

Ready to Join a Themed & Well-Balanced PvP Cluster?


⋇ ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ ⋇

Armageddon is NOT easy-mode! Are you up for the challenge?
"Map vs. Map?" ✓
"Competitive PvP?" ✓
"Experience Recommended?" ✓

Champions each Season wins real $$$!
More details on Discord.


  • When was last wipe?
  • What 7 maps are in the cluster? 
    (70 slots) Ragnarok
    (70 slots) The Center
    (50 slots) The Island
    (50 slots) Valguero
    (32 slots) Genesis
    (32 slots) Aberration
    (32 slots) Extinction
    More to come!
  • How boosted?
    Boosted but not too Boosted.
    Grindy 10x Server. 
    Some items are easy-craft. 
    Auto-unlocked vanilla engrams.
    Auto-unlocked 4 TEK engrams
    (No Element Required in the recipe) !
  • Boss Fights?
    Necessary for TEK Engrams!
  • Is there a starter? 
    In the White Drops!
  • How many in a tribe/alliances? 
    8-Man & ∞ in-game Alliance!
  • Max Wild Dino? 
  • Max Player Level?
  • Is there an in-game Admin Shop?
  • Is the weight infinite ∞ ?
  • Rules? 
    Yes! On Discord!
  • Is Discord required? 
    Yes! You don't wanna miss out!


The owners, MaxFracturedX & Zeralyn9, want to hear the community's input on how to improve their cluster.

YOU have a way to voice changes within the Cluster! 
Create suggestions where people can vote on during real time... 
See who else in the Discord agrees with your ideas...
Vote on what others would want to change...
Help decide what to add to the cluster!

Hope to see you join


25perc_ armageddon_poster.png

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