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Tek helmet clear vision not working

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Anyone else having this problem underwater?

Just got my tek suite and was trying it all out.

Whent underwater, everything was fine vision was as clear as it supposed to be with a tek helmet. But to see the comparison I took the tek helmet off underwater and it changed to the normal blue look and now when I put the helmet back on I'm not getting clear vision anymore?

Tried repairing in tek fabricator that didnt work.

Tried taking it off and putting it back on out of water that didnt work.

And cant seem to find a solution online.

Really annoying as that was one of the things I was looking forward to when using the suite.JPEG_20200329_200617_1288663388541829611.jpg

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Ok incase anyone does have the same problem I found a fix.
I took the whole suite off put it all in the tek fabricator and repaired each item, put it all back on and now it's working [emoji1305]
Had a thought that maybe because I took the helmet off underwater it let water into the suite making just the clear vision not work properly [emoji848] far fetched I know but doing the above has fixed it though lol

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