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Suggestion: New water tame - The Surograssum!



Suggestion: New water tame - The Surograssum!

Hello, this is a suggestion I have for a new creature that I feel would be HIGHLY beneficial to exist within the game. This creature would be highly beneficial and fills a niche that the game could definitely benefit from.

Helena's notes:

Deep within the waters of the ARK dwells the gentle giant Phyllopteryx Gigaphilos. Appearing to be a distant evolutionary descendant of Phycodurus Equs, this benevolent behemoth has no natural predators and does not appear to have any defensive abilities whatsoever. Rivaling Basilosaurus in size, its massive stature should make land traversal an impossibility. Yet, Phyllopteryx Gigaphilos has been observed to rarely crawl onto the shore, heaving its entire mass out of the water to bask in the sun. It is here that we studied this magnificent beast's amazing biology; all over the creature's back are several large orifices that expand and contract with its breathing.  These orifices appear to be individual pouches intended for their young, but Phyllopteryx Gigaphilos does not seem to mind caring for the young of other animals, or even carrying survivors. In fact, those who have ridden in their pouch to come back feeling rejuvenated and well-rested, even after only a few minutes!

Domesticated: Originally, I imagined a creature of this nature would lack the intelligence required to tame, but I have recently begun hearing reports of tribes who have managed to tame one by leaving fertilized eggs on its pouches while it rested on the beach. It eventually returned to the water and came back with several young dinos and an affinity the survivors who gave them the eggs. Young dinos that spent time in these pouches seem to be as healthy as ever, and receive all the care they while in them. Tribes that love to breed and raise livestock would view these animals as the ultimate nanny! 


The Surograssum is intended to be a utility tame for endgame breeders, and is essentially an upgrade to the Procoptodon. Using the holes in its back, it can hold up to 6 babies at once and can hold into them for twice as long as the Procoptodon can, including aquatic tames. When on land, they move incredibly slow and have a "water" meter in place of oxygen. While they can last a considerably long amount of time outside of the water, they will eventually need to return to fill them meter. If it is on land, any pouches containing water tames will be closed, and when in water, pouches containing land tames will close. The Surograssum gets a 90% weight reduction on all food items, and also acts as a living trough. It has a very slow metabolism so most of the food goes to the other animals within range, although any babies inside its pouches are prioritized first. Just like the Procoptodon, babies inside the pouches will have decreased food rates and will received double imprint affinity. On its radial menu is an option which will cause it to refuse to eat unless remotely fed, giving all of its food to babies and other tames.

When saddled up, the Surograssum has no offensive capabilities except for a single non-damaging attack. When the attack button is held down, it will suck in tons of water, and when the button is released, it blasts itself backwards to quickly escape potential threats. On land, this attack instead shoots a stream of water that pushes back and deters attackers. It also has a turret mode which will allow it to use this ability autonomously to defend babies and other tames.


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