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PS4 Ark Coding

Hey World Of Ark Members and Players.

I'd like to start of and say hi my real name is "Galyon" or my PSN is "OopsV1" which ever you feel comfortable calling me, but I'm here today to see if anyone is looking for an experienced Ark Server Coder. 


I'd like to state that 85% of my work will be done with Beacon Omni "Paid Version." 


I have access to basically any needs that need to be modified to balanced out the server.

Stats, Armor Quality, Loot Quality, Custom Drops, Custom Boss Loot, Custom Breeding rates, Colored Message Of The Day etc...


>>>>Ask me if I can change it I'll probably tell you yes I can.<<<<


To whom ever is interested in having me work with them.


>If it ain't Ps4 I Do Not Want To Code For You Sorry.

~ Reasoning I can't test certain modifications due to only having a Ps4 Console. 


>I'm not the in and out type of guy. If you only going to use me for coding. Big mistake. 

~ Reasoning I will not waste my time. Looking to grow or start a whole new community.


>Please please don't have more than 2 people coding.

~Unprofessional Coding Habits "messy" 


Feel free to


I don't get on anything other than that.


????1 [? 0 ? ? ? ?] #0777









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