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Genesis part 2 items

So i had this thought when i was playing the gauntlet missions on genesis and how some of the weapons youre given have a fire effect and it made me think of something ark hasnt done yet. Augments!!

Atrachments you add to weapons to make them more powerful. Like how the scopes or laser or silencer make them more effective. Augments would give the weapons more piwerdul by adding an effect to the payload. 

The augments i had in mind would be:

Burning effect - more damage

Shock effect - Paralyzes your target for a a few seconds

Frost Effect - slows them down

Poison effect

Note: augments would be permanent and can not be removed. Only applies to the tek weapons excluding the grenade launcher and cruise missle. 

How to make:

In an augmentation bench(new crafting structure)

5 black pearl

1 electronic

5 microchip (found on tek creatures. Very rare)

1 Absorbant substrate


Tek weapons i want to see. 

Tek minigun

Tek pistol

Tek shotgun

Tek compound bow or crossbow

Tek galting gun

Tek Vacuum Cannon (sucks up loose resouces. Very useful on aberration)

Tek propulsion Gloves

Tek Climbing Gloves


Side note:

Think they should add more shoulder pets into the game im kinda looking forward to a cat pet


Anyway what are your thoughts on this and id love to hear your ideas and theories on genesis part 2.



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