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Genesis broken mess on xbox

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Genesis broken mess on xbox

Is literally everything broken to tame on genesis ferox broken megachelon broken bloodstalker broken. What's the point in genesis at the moment.......

On small tribes tamed a 135ferox with 20 element and it stayed 135 after tame and I had to give it 5 element to transform I mean what the hell.....

Megachelon I go deep grab the fish that btw takes a decade to kite back to the surface and I get to this 140 turtle thinking sweet here we go then and it goes up to 5% tamed and the fish die and straight away it drops taming % quite rapidly giving you no time to kite another one and good look finding and kiting 20+ lots of fish.

Bloodstalkers are taming with like 50ish taming effectiveness.

This dlc is completely broken it's been over a month since release and I feel like it's going backwards instead of it getting any better ?‍♂️

Giving it a couple of weeks and if it's not looking like it's going to be playable by that time I'll be contacting Microsoft for a refund since the dlc is broke it shouldn't of been put on the store in that state.......

Oh I didn't even mention all the other game breaking bugs that have nothing to do with taming.

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Yeah its sad because I think the map itself is the best one they've ever done, but I've all but stopped playing since warzone came out. Once I got by the honeymoon period and the new game shine wore off, I really have no motivation to play.


The last time I got on earlier this week I did a few manta ray races then TPd to the artic to do the rhino 500. On the way there the game crashed to the main menu. I started it back up and about 30 seconds later it blue screened. Threw my hands up and havent been on since.

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