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20 minutes ago, QuietDubstep said:

Therizino or Rex

Since I've been taming a lot of Therizinos I haven't felt the need to tame any Rexes.

Should people tame Rexes if there are Therizinos?

Depends? Boss fights? Theri's with cakes for dragon. If u play on official the rexes are born +30k health +1000melee, so its what u prefer really. Rexes would need less setup for lets say the monkey and brood.

Harvesting, hands down the therizino ofcourse.

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If you plan to solo bosses, therizinos are superior to rexes in most aspects.


Pros :
- No need to level up health beyond 20k hp.
- Sweet veggie cakes healing.
- Herbivores => Easy breeding.
- Saddle BPs are easier to acquire.
- Solid DPS, but lower than equivalent rexes.

- Smaller hitbox, which is very useless for circling opponents like the broodmother and clearing the tek cave.
- Minimal mutations required for alpha bosses.
- Single yuti roar required to buff them.

Cons :
- High upfront costs in narcotics + kibble. => Kibbles are mandatory to tame.
- High levels are somewhat harder to get than rexes.
- Being smaller means they can get kicked around a lot while fighting creatures like the megapithecus.


Pros :
- Fairly easy to find.
- Low upfront cost. No narcotics needed if tamed with kibble/mutton/prime.
- Superior DPS compared to therizinos.
- Solid health pool.

- Large hitbox, makes them less prone to being kicked around.

Cons :
- No passive healing.
- Carnivores require slightly more planning to breed.
- Saddle BP is the single rarest item in the game, sometimes taking months of farming drops/caves.
- Very high mutations count is mandatory for most alpha bosses.
- Large hitbox. Painful to easily circle opponents like the broodmother.
- 3 yuti roars required to fully buff.

Here are videos of heavily mutated rexes against the hardest Island bosses, compared to my personnal therizino setup, doing the exact same bosses :

Alpha Dragon


Alpha Overseer


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I thought I would pop in here for advice. We tried the Alpha Broodmother a couple of weeks ago and got wiped. We definitely going 18 Theri's a Yuti and a Pig. 2 Tribe mates, one on the Pig (me) and one on the Yuti.

So last time the Yuti guy got stuck against the Broodmother and was killed in the first 2 seconds. I had to hop off the pig and get the Yuti out before it died and didnt have time to put the Pig on Passive Heals. We got her down into the last 10% but then the Theris started going down and with 4 left the Yuti went down and I followed swiftly. We did go in light thought. Most Theris were at 21k health and 800% melee. On the server the dino levels are up to 200.

This time round I was thinking 30k health and 1000% damage. Or should I wait till we at 40k Health?

This is my average Theri atm.


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We usually stack 10 cakes per tickle-chicken and rare used pig during our alpha fights.
So yes, pump more melee, and get enough cakes.
The more damage you do, the faster it dies and the less damage you're going to be taking.

As for why there's no point to push above 20k health on tickler-chickens, the cakes heal a certain amount of health over a period of time, and it's % based with a maximum cap.
In one of the old threads we did the calculations and 20-21k is the sweet spot for your healthpool to basically have then automatically use the cakes for healing when needed and get the most benefit out of it.

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