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Genesis 'tracking' missions are broken.

Hello, so I have this problem on Xbox one 'solo' every 'tracking' mission i've tried to do so far I had to quit because the track just stop at some point. Dont tell me ' its because you probably skip a path on the way, they need to be all green to proceed otherwise the boss wont show up' I have try to remake each mission more than 3 times , using the command 'fly' without skipping a single one, going back and forth 4 or 5 times.

Cheaper by the pack stock a 133 tracks

Spy Vs Spino stock at 145 tracks

Swamp placid stock at 87 tracks 

And its almost always at thoses spot 'or around' 

Also it would help that the HLNA would stop flashing light everywhere every half second and screaming that it find something, when it clearly didn't.

Also brighten the 'discover track' or make it bigger or come out a bit more , cause honnestly in the water you just dont see it, and even on land, its hard to see.

Thank you for any help.

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