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Bloodstalker taming broken again! DO NOT TAME!

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Bloodstalker taming broken again! DO NOT TAME!

-Everyday it's a new problem with stalkers, they are completely ridden with bugs (at least taming them). This isn't another cryfest about how many bags it takes. I've tamed well over 100 stalkers since I got on genesis, trying to get a good line going. Yesterday, the entire day, stalkers would grab you, start reeling, 2-5 secs.... dropped. Over and over, on every stalker. I was only able to successfully be drawn in all the way one time, by dangling with another stalker, about 2 walls height below it. After that, all went back to the same. Additionally, the stalkers that were running around on the ground would actually RUN from me if i went near them, or if i punched them. This is completely opposite of their normal behavior... up until now I was able to tame many on the ground. After a while, i gave up.

-Spent the better part of today trying to tame a high level stalker, with 10-12 tames on me - mix of moschops, ovis', frogs and such. Found a 130 above one of my spawn spots, bug repellent and guillie on the entire time. I fed it ALL of my but except 1 dilo (which apparently they will no longer eat. I had 3 out, and no matter what it would not look at them. After the initial start (gave it some bags), fed all the tames... and i scan it, showed 100% efficiency. Then I take off guillie, again kept reapplying bug spray, grabbed 800 bags (just in case- even though we are on 3x). It grabs me fine, starts eating the bags.... rescan as its consuming them....   RESET EFFICIENCY and actually WENT DOWN- from 57.1%- to 55.1.  So I lost 2% for feeding it a horde of tames? This is getting nuts. What the hell does wildcard want from us to tame these things? The feeding creature idea was fantastic---- as an idea. It sucks, is boring and isnt even working. It is simply not worth taming stalkers if you are stuck with a junk efficiency. Not if you want any hope of getting stats. Anyone else having issues? This is beyond frustrating... how are we even supposed to know when it's fixed? Or should we just keep taming stuff, feeding it to a spider to end up with a lose ?



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