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bug Unable to transfer certain Dinos that should be transferable

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Unable to transfer certain Dinos that should be transferable

Bug: The dino(s) listed below are able to be uploaded but cannot be downloaded on another map as they appear grayed out, furthermore if you go back to the originating server and attempt to download them there then they also appear as grayed out and unable to be downloaded thus resulting in the dino expiring in the upload.

Affected Cluster: PrimPlusCrossArk3
*Other clusters may also be affected*

Below is a list of Dino's that are not able to be transferred to either a specific maps or any map within the cluster.
*Note: The dino(s) cannot be downloaded on the originating server once you have connected to another server with them in the upload.*

[ Dino Name ]                                     [ Originating Map(s) ]                                            [ Destination Map(s) ]

Baslisk                                                Aberration                                                                 All Maps

Anklyosaurus                                    Center/Island/Ragnarok/Valguero                       Aberration

Roll Rat                                               Aberration / Valguero                                             All Maps

Bulbdog                                              Aberration / Valguero                                             Center, Ragnarok, Island

Shinehorn                                           Aberration                                                                Center, Ragnarok, Island

Featherlight                                        Aberration / Valguero                                            Center, Ragnarok, Island

Glowtail                                               Aberration                                                                Center, Ragnarok, Island

Rock Elemental                                  Ragnarok / Valguero                                              Center, Island

Ice Wyvern                                          Ragnarok / Valguero                                              Center, Island, Ragnarok *Val Wyverns Only*, Valguero *Rag Wyverns Only*

Poison Wyvern                                   Ragnarok                                                                 Center, Island

Lightning Wyvern                               Ragnarok                                                                 Center, Island

Deinonychus                                       Valguero                                                                  All Maps


This may be a partial list of dino(s) that are bugged and cannot be transferred. If you experience issues with other dino(s) or see something that needs to be corrected, then please reply to this thread so it can be documented and hopefully fixed by Wildcard.


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