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players stop leveling up

Hi there
I was wondering if any of you server admins have experienced level up stop working after playing on the server for several days.

If I recall it started after upgrading to version 307,43

The server runs Scorched Earth.

What I have tried so far is:
Change Game.ini to nothing | result is -1760 engram points but level up works
restored the game.ini  from backup | no level up happens


Any advice will be appreciated

Best regards


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If you're using custom levels, you need to ensure you have a total of 50 levels over what you want your player max to be. This is made up of three ascensions at 15 levels each plus 5 chibi levels.

For example, my servers have a standard max player level of 135, so the total max level possible with all ascensions and chibi levels is 185.

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