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Unable to stack tek dedicated storages on ocean platform

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Unable to stack tek dedicated storages on ocean platform


We noticed that we are not able to stack dedicated storages on an ocean platform if the platform is placed above deep sea. We get the "Too high above ground" message, i think it's because it's ignoring the ceilings below the boxes because of the snap point of the stack, we are able to place 1 box anywhere on the ceilings but when we try to stack another one it wont let us. Is there any way to fix this?




Thanks in advance for your help

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If the platform, or part of the platform is in moderately deep water you cannot stack items or even connect wires and pipes.  I have the same issue on part of my base.  Apparently this is also an issue with cliff and tree platforms from when aberration came out.

They still haven't fixed aberration items, I'm not holding my breath they will fix the ocean platforms.   Probably have to relocate base or redo the layout in base.

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