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I quit

I ground out 6 meks in the last two days. One an ascendant. I may have played my last day of Ark. I saved them until I had the material and didn’t even get to use them. Bring back 8x for a two weeks and maybe I will play.  At least then I can get the resources to make more when I get them. That still isn’t fair to me, but it will make it so people can get more. I hate you Ark. 

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22 hours ago, sjskdjkfa said:

Not everyone reads the patch notes, and some people like me take a while to get around to it. Now that I've found out what happened due to my own research -and only incidentally. Now I feel bad for him.

Sure, I get that, sometimes I don't read them for a few days - but if you are not up to date with current events/patch notes you shouldn't rock up and pretend you know what you are talking about.

The guy came in condescending trying to belittle OP but was playing himself for a fool. 

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