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Bloodstalkers acting weird

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Bloodstalkers acting weird

  On Offical, after the reset and patch, I was able to find one and now when the Bloodstalker tries to web you up into the trees, the Bloodstalker only gets  you a part of the way up and then drops you and does this over and over again. Even if you are not struggling, however,  if you shoot the Stalker and it drops to the ground, it will then attack you and you can tame it then. Must need more cardio. The amount of blood packs seems high, but I noticed on a previous patch WC "fixed" the taming multipliers and I have not tamed one in awhile, thus I do not know if the higher amount of blood packs is right or not on the 2.5 taming weekend. On the 135 I was messing with, it ate 85 packs before a Kapa attacked me and shot me across the river and at that point the Stalker was only at 11 percent.

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