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[v307.56] Green Circle/Ring - S+ Tek Trough Issues

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21 hours ago, GP said:

Thought i'd just mention here that the green circle issue on modded troughs does not require a dev kit update and can be fixed by Modders.

The Modder behind SuperStructures (SS) which is the mod that took everything from S+ to continue development on it has resolved the green ring issue.

Our servers changed over from S+ to SS a few weeks ago, which is possible without losing any old S+ structures. Highly recommended if people want S+ development without losing anything.


Confirmed, I just switched from S+ to SS, no more green ring. No structures lost. I also started using Dino Storage 2.0, which for PVE is awesome. Gone are the ugly cryopods and good riddance to cooldown. For PvE, I highly recommend it.

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I can also confirm, switching from S+ to SS gets rid of those annoying green circles, and everything in my base was there after the switch. Migrating from one to the other was easy.


I want to say that it also gives some nice treats. 100 slot cryofridges are a nice start.

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5 minutes ago, Akeno017 said:

So is this actually getting fixed anytime soon?

This green stain has been here for far long too already

There is nothing to fix. WC added a new feature. That feature broke a mod. That mod has to be updated, but is abandoned by its author. Either you grab the source of that mod and update it yourself, or you switch to another like suggested above.

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On 3/22/2020 at 9:37 AM, invincibleqc said:

Wildcard didn't make any statement regarding this topic. Moderators are regular players that are voluntarily moderating the forums and are in no way speaking for nor representing Wildcard. With that said, please step back and analyze the situation for a second. You are using third-party content, content that is furthermore abandoned and no longer maintained nor supported by their original author. Just like anything else; mods are the ones that must keep up to remain compatible, not the opposite. The same way you wouldn't ask Microsoft to revert a Windows update because it broke your wallpaper extension; you would instead seek an update of that extension. Is it unfortunate when it happens? Yes. Is it Wildcard's responsibility to ensure third-party content compatibility? No. I'm sure they are careful and try as best as they can though, but there are times where breaking mods to expand the game will always be unavoidable. Is it one of them? Probably not. I would not be surprised if Wildcard introduce a workaround and fix this, but for now there is no statement about it.

No, but this was still one of the most wanted feature:

How about being thankful they are listening and implementing player's suggestions.

I enjoy when my suggestions make it into the game, 

Makes me laugh when people say, wild card doesn't listen to their fans or playerbase,, and I'm here like, trough circles, controller option to switch between first and third person, when you try and learn a higher tier engram, it asks you if you want to auto learn all the prerequisites, and finally mount dismount does not toggle structures on/off or access inventory on same button press but does open / close doors as priority :)

all great suggestions from one person, taken on board and implemented by wildcard

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