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MEK, Cluster Grenade and TEK Suit Wipe on the Official PvP Network

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We have now implemented the wipe of these items across the entirety of our Official PC and Xbox PvP Networks. It will be coming to PS4 with our next console update.

There was some deliberation internally during the decision making process as we’re aware this measure will affect those who acquired these items in a legitimate way. Whilst we’re sympathetic towards this, those of you who continued to play fair were also subject to unfair gameplay when attacking or defending against those Tribes who took advantage of game exploits.

It was a difficult choice but we’re confident it is the right one for the long term health of Official PvP.

We’ll be using this “soft reset” in order to further improve PvP balance via continued tweaks and adjustments along with collecting further data on those we suspect may have used exploits to their advantage. 

This measure, along with the previous bolster to our Mesh Detection Systems are just some of the ways we will continue to make ARK Official PvP more optimal for our PvP community. 


The Wildcard Team

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