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Lost Dinos upon Download Crash


I have experienced a glitch while playing solo on the island. I uploaded a bunch of high level Dinos to the obelisks so I could easily transfer in between boss fights. I was going to download 4 of them, a pair or rexes and a pair of Yutys, when I got a game crash. Upon downloading my fourth Dino my game crashed due to some error. I ignored it and rebooted my game. To my dismay, when I go to the obelisk to download my Dinos they are no longer available. They are not in my uploads where they were in my previous save, and they are not at the obelisk I downloaded them.  They are simply gone. Three of my downloads are on my tribe log but anything after the fourth Dino is a Mystery. I have lost my 4 strongest Dinos and no clue what to do. 



Edit: it happened again and I got this error message.  6C57426D-7DA8-4976-B2A4-77788C5BB98B.thumb.jpeg.55cd1511a01f925cafc5f61f71b0eb2b.jpeg

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The exact same thing happened to my son and I yesterday. I play split screen single player. We lost 20 dinos heading to a boss fight. Thinking itd be quicker to transfer from red to green rather than caravan across the island. Lost 4 high levels. Ive read other threads that basically says "yep, it happens". I am not a programmer by any means but it seems like a serious hole that when your game crashes and reverts back to an autosave that obelisk data is wiped. But the post I've read have dated back 4 years. So i assume its something Wildcard isnt going to address. I'm going to research how to backup and copy Ark files from PS4. Figure if im transferring between maps I'd take the extra step to backup to save myself a new controller from throwing it. 

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