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update Update Ark on Nintendo switch


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I play the Switch version when in school, and to this day I still await the day when Wildcard gives Abstraction the thumbs up on updating the Switch port. It's a neat little version with so much potential. I'd hate to see it be put to waste. It doesn't really make sense to keep the Mobile version up-to-date, but leave the Switch version in the dust.

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https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-03-21-how-they-got-ark-survival-evolved-working-on-switch#:~:text=This has been a good,during the Unreal keynote talk.


So Abstraction is the team that brought Ark to switch and it looks like it was slap together rush job, apparently Wildcard only requested that it was playable didn't ask them to ensure that SOLE PURPOSE of the games attraction was built into the game. In other words they didn't care to add more maps to the environment becuase they were only required to make it playable on one map. It also looks like they washed their hands of it. Abstaction is already looking to move to other projects rather than focusing on making Nintendo Switch Ark update the to include more maps and items. 

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Try to look on the bright side.  Since wildcard abandoned Ark on Switch, there are no updates.  This probably doesn't sound like a good thing, so let me explain.

No updates means that when you buy this version, there are no downloads.  You can just pop it in and play.  If you ask me, the fact that all maps other than the Island have to be downloaded means that no one is interested in preserving them.  Which means they can't be all that good (just go along with me on this).

No updates means no patches.  No patches means that the game can't be screwed up any more than it already is.  Believe me, it could be a lot worse.

Also, the Switch version is, ironically, the most complete version of Ark you can buy that has an actual physical copy.  Sad, but true.

So be the fox, and tell yourself the grapes you can't reach are sour and not worth eating.  There is comfort in believing that what you can't have isn't worth having.

FYI- if you use the console command 'prevviewmode' once (yes, with two v's), it eliminates the shadows entirely.  The game looks more cartoony, but you'll have an easier time telling what's what.

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