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Genesis Bugs 307.2

Moeder fight is completely bugged out. Fails to start nearly every time, will take tames and not players, Each failure to start will occasionally bring back a tame or 2, each fail spawns another boss in same spot, boss will take near fatal damage after first wave of minions, every time a player or more than one players is not teleported within the bubble at the mission start.

Tek Ticeratops bug when cryopod and moved off map, unable to deploy anywhere even back on Genesis.

Astrocetus is not producing ambergris

Ferox not getting imprint bonuses. If they had max addiction while small and given element but not enough to transform it, they cannot be picked up until transformed.

Skiff tractor beam doesnt pick up tames, often shoves them around and bugs them out instead.

Lots of spots in ocean biome where fish and tames just float up into the air.

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