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Magic Island - PVE server

The Magic Island Cluster is  PVE experience is a much more fairly balanced environment, Right now we have two server which is one for Ragnarock and another for Genesis.


Changes include

Additional Creature spawns - So you can go out and get whatever dino your heart desires

More rewarding loot from beacons, loot crates and even basic dino's

Engrams are available to everyone so no need going onto another map to get that engram you really wanted

Breeding has been changed to let you have a life and get somewhere

There is a admin shop for those tames not possible on the current maps 

Starter kits to help survive the wilds

Edited creature stats to make more options viable 


We all have a community on PS4 where I will be open to suggestions, trade with other players, simply to give advice.

Possible events could be in the future including PVP weekends, or other things.


Just search Magic on the unofficial server list and you find us.

See you on the Ark.




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