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Snap Tek Storage to Replicators, Auto Fill Replicator


Snap Tek Storage to Replicators, Auto Fill Replicator

Tek Storage could snap around or to the Tek Replicator, which could then pull resources from the Tek Storage to fill items to be crafted without having to take stuff from Tek Storage and place it into the Tek Replicator. Like a auto-fill operation. Tek Storage could still function the same as now to add and remove stuff, but toggling the ability to use a auto-fill on the box could allow that box to be used by the Tek Replicator. 

Would increase production of items per element use and eliminate time it takes to transfer items from box to replicator. More time to do other things on a game that is very time consuming.

This same method could be used for other things such as Industrial Forge, after smelting metal into ingots or wood into charcoal; it could be placed into Tek Storage boxes nearby that are already storing that item.

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