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Iced Jars / Canteens spoiling in a fridge

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Iced Jars / Canteens spoiling in a fridge

So, I get that water disappearing is a thing on this map and I like the 'harsh environment' survival aspect of it, but what I don't get is that my water is disappearing from water jars and canteens while they are inside a refrigerator. This may not even be a bug, but it just just doesn't make any sense. I actually only found out about this just now, because in the past I never bothered to make Iced Jars/Canteens, as I took an Iced Canteen on one of the caving trips, only to find out that it was actually empty the moment I wanted to drink from it.

This will probably never get addressed, since a lot of Scorched gets neglected (unfortunately :( ), but I still wanted to make a post about it!

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