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Another Ferrox taming thread as of 17/3/20

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Another Ferrox taming thread as of 17/3/20

Just tamed a lvl 95.

Took 12 Element to tame

Used HLN-a to check taming process and showed 100% effectiveness Plus 40 levels. Start taming increment was 15% but his went down to 8% as I added Element.

Tamed out at 95, no extra levels for taming effectiveness. Also had 53% addiction.

If this is "as intended" fair enough but, mid taming info from HLN-a should not show effectiveness and level gain.

maybe 17 to 20 element for a top tier (Level 150) tame is probably sensible on a map with fairly easy access to element. 

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1 hour ago, Jopis said:

Tamed lvl 150, taked 20 element. after tame was lvl 225, but when transformed to big state, it reseted to lvl 150 and stats went down to wild stats.



Same happend for my, lvl 135, lvl 140 lost all the tame bonus levels, so back to wild, but got a 140 and 145 that never lose the extra levels when hulking. 


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You guys should add what console you play on to your posts makes things easier if someone at WC does happen to look at it I’m on ps4 haven’t had any of my ferox reset stats but have had someone in the tribe who’s did I wasn’t on so don’t know the specifics of it. Couple questions did you guys make them transform right after taming or before putting them in cryo? Have you tried breeding them to see if the babies come out with the bonus lvls? 
personally I tame and cryo immediately as I usually tame a few at a time and have breed them which the baby had even higher stats than the parents not mutation somethin else. Male was 340 melee female was 420 baby came out 537 worth noting neither parent has lost bonus levels or had stats change 

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