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Community Crunch 220: On The Horizon and EVO Event

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They should give Evo Event this week for the Corona Virus quarantine.

Nice to hear your focused on bugs. I’ve been playing for a long time and It’s good to see you fixing some of the old issues. I really appreciate what you do and hope you keep it up! Thanks Wildcard!


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16 minutes ago, KasS said:

I just noticed the banner text said community crunch 202 @Cedric lol


Anyways, some lunar biome caves still have bases in them and some are now buildable for some reason because they were not like that before.

Can you elaborate please? What platform do you play on and did you get an update recently? 

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1 hour ago, KasS said:

PC Official PVE. I'd rather talk about it with one of the staff than tell everyone here where it is.

I’m only asking because that update went through for Xbox/PC about building in caves and caves that were mission areas not supposed to be built in initially. I have a cave on Lunar that isn’t in a mission area and haven’t gotten a definitive response on if we’re allowed to stay since rumors were flying around saying all were going to be wiped. I ready in CC that just mission area caves were supposed to be non buildable but idk anyone who plays PC or Xbox that can tell me if the update let people stay in the caves or not or at least in the East Lunar cave where no missions are. Looking for clarification is all

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Could you do all us bored people a favor and extend the 2x, 3x, or whatever increases breed rates to be a whole lot more frequent than just the weekend, or start the Easter event early so I’ll have things to do in quarantine from Corona Virus (I’m in USA, California and very bored from my state’s lockdown policy). The increased harvest rate only goes so far once things are harvested, I’m bored again. I have expanded my base 3 times in stone, and it’s currently so big my neighboring tribes have moved away. (Sorry).  But it’s all I can do with just harvest rates. Thanks for bringing the EVO event for this weekend early! That helps. But could a policy be made for the duration of quarantine over the course of the Corona Virus epidemic? There will be people sheltering from it as long as it’s running rampent. 
thanks a ton! 

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