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PVE196EU RAG - it needs help !

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PVE196EU RAG - it needs help !

196 RAG is constantly crashing. Everyone on this server is sick of it as well. I have been trying to get off the server for 3 weeks and i cant do anything because it keeps crashing. 

I have submitted many outage reports on this server. This server was down for the majority of sunday during the event. 

Can someone that matters please look into this server and tell us that are still on it, what is happening to it ? I come back on lunch break to get the rest of my dinos and my character off the map. but i cant because its down, again. 

This server has some sort of an issue with big time rubber banding and lag spikes. i know it immediately when it lags. ill be running\walking\flying and i just stop moving abruptly. its highly annoying. 

and for some reason i cant transfer my dinos out, i have to use a cryopod to do it. 


Downtime history:


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