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On 3/16/2020 at 4:10 AM, Dulcimosin said:

Split screen unplayable

Split screen is now unplayable do to when player 2 is in-game there is a silloute of all the folliage they see displayed on player 1 screen. At night it is impossible. Its like turning off parts of ur tv screen dark! Its similar to how when u fly there are wierd tree shapes in the water

Admincheat r.shadowquality 0 1

This will stop shadow overlay.

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I found a post in reddit, I'm not sure it works, I'm on xbox one.....

He says this command allows you to view previews, and you cycle through them until you find one without shadows overlay.

Anyways this user says to 

put into the command box: cheat prevviewmode and cycle through.

Ps. If it works please reply, maybe we can help someone else

Good luck

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