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'Not allowed' sign on items.

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'Not allowed' sign on items.

A bunch of items have gotten a 'not allowed' sign in the top right corner when you check them in your inventory. Most of these are items I get from completing missions, like massively overpowered saddles and weapons (or a Titanosaur saddle - seriously?). I read that this 'not allowed' sign means that you can't grind the item for materials, which kind of makes sense, since some of the missions are fairly easy to complete.

However: why are various random items also affected? I'm talking about oil (every oil, like regular, but also the oil Basilosaurus generates) and propellant for example, possibly ohers too. Thing is, it's not just happening on the Genesis map, but on every single map I play on, oil has this 'not allowed' sign in the top right corner. Pretty strange, confusing and unnecessary. What's up with this?

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