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ferox breeding

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For me on Legacy servers, the gestation bar didn't appear at first either. Then it suddenly appeared in place of the "0/4 Element Required" bar, showing a gestation time of 10 hours. I DC'd and when i logged back in, the gestation bar had turned back into the Element Required bar. But, I think she is still pregnant, because she is now below the required addiction level to breed, still on breed mode, and there is no red message saying "Full Addiction Required to Mate" above her head now. I really think its just a bug with the bars since the Ferox already holds two of them by default. The game gets confused as to which bar should be showing because they are in the way of each other. Just breed them like you were (you will know they are done when they both flip up in the air) and time the appropriate gestation time on your phone or some other timer device. 

Good luck! :)

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how to know they're done mating

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So here is my experience.

Tried to breed 2 different females.

1. Got the hearts, did the little flip thing like it got pregnant. No timer appears. Re-logged, nothing. No birth after what should have been gestation time. Literally Nothing happened.


2. Female 2, bred, got hearts, got the Requires max addiction over her head after breeding. So I tried to feed it more element, it bugged out and would not eat until it was down to only needing 1 element. Fed it element, she got large, when the buff ran out and she turned small again, she had a  breeding cooldown as is she just had a baby. 

So 75 element later, I have 1 broken that will not breed at all now. The other has a 10 hour cooldown, from never producing a baby.

Double fail with different errors. Guess I’ll will cryo them until the devs figure out how to fix it.





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