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Ocean platform in a pvp server


Ocean platform in a pvp server

On pvp servers, ocean platforms are extremely limited in terms of defence placement, especially given how rafts work in this game. Im from a official pvp server on pc, we are a 2 man tribe but fairly advanced. I love building, thought we d give ocean platforms a try, see how they work out. You cannot extend wall below the platform, or beyond it, not even a little bit. At the moment it is impossible to make turret towers or turret chandeliers in water that can "overlook" the platform, giving raiders blindspots to hide in and stick c4s to it on their leisure.

Another thing is, for some reason, the boat seems to almost totally clip in the platform for some reason. Ocean platform is a mesh on its own and rafts on their own. Structures placed on rafts can clip into anything, I get that, but the raft itself can clip into ocean platform? doesn't make sense. Anyone can make a turret raft and solo drive it into the ocean platform base. You ll have a raider that is completely safe from turrets and on top of that swims turrets into your base with negligible effort.

What do I want to suggest? 1) Make the boundary at which structures can be extended beyond the platform, greater. Least 3 ceilings beyond horizontaly (at which point it will ask for foundation support anyway) and 12 walls deep into the water (at least)

2) Don't know how it works but the very least make raft un clippable into the platform. Doesn't make sense for 2 structures to effortlessly mesh together like 2 gases passing through each other.

3) Please reduce the electronics requirement on the homing underwater mines to make them somewhat useful. I haven't tested how they work of late, only seen videos from 3 or 4 years ago. They are slow in speed, can be outrun by a megalodon and are timed. They explode once lured and time runs out, even if they aren't in contact with anything

4) If mines use electronics, then that means they should be somewhat smart, like turrets. They should have target options, example like players only, tames only, rafts only etc.

Also cant find any changelog of underwater mines, if they have been changed in function in recent years by the devs. If anyone knows where to find it, do tell. Thanks :D

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