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Tek Cave Door Killed Me?

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We had the same thing happen to us a while ago, my friend went up to the door on his rex with all the tributes in his inventory and as soon as he was touching the door it killed him instantly and we lost all the tributes and we had to call off the fight. I don't think there is a way to get your stuff back unfortunately, maybe submit a ticket but it'll take a month to get it back (if they can replace them).

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This is an issue ever since the Tek Cave got introduced into the game.
If you're mounted and glitch through the door because of the Mesh/way your dino is positioned, you will be killed instantly.

Best way is to simply not go beyond the control station that opens the door. You can position a train of dino's on the edge, and have them follow each other.
Once you open the door, lead the first pair inside and the rest will follow nicely in most cases.
There's more than enough time to guide dino's inside

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yup this just happened to me, I just went in to check it out after having 15 spino sails to trade for a managarmr. I also had my favorite spino/argentavis in a cryopod with me along with tons of hard to get loot.

The minute I flew away I guess I hit the door and just says you died. Went back, no green light, no bag. 

RIP napoleon and santa claws 😢 today was a sad day. 

PS - Turns out the managarmr I was supposed to get guy gave me a magmasaur egg and wasn't even the right thing! Ark sure tests your patience at times!

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