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NEW GLITCH * Soak/Drain Turrets with a cryopod ....

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23 minutes ago, MooseX said:

Well Cryo pods are expensive to make... and If they have dilo's in then, I would say turrets are working as expected...

ohh nooo you don´t lose the cryo ;-). They shoot but don´t destroy the cryo. 
So everything fine. 

Think the turret´s shoot as they think the dino come out but he doesn´t fit. That´s the bug.
You can see it in the Video. U see a the shape of the dino ( contoured) when u trow the cryo. 
He will come out but he can´t because it doesn´t fit (not enough room). 
Do u know what I mean?

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1 minute ago, Erinn said:

most likely he didnt even watch the video, its clear from the video how its done. Its interesting tho, never seen in happen before or I just didnt notice. 

u mean he see only the titel of the video and write the comment ??


ok than @MooseX watch the Video and than type again ?

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6 minutes ago, MooseX said:

Seen it once, seen it twice, nothing much to be seen honestly. Watching you throw away cryo pods in a hole like candy. Its a waste, that's what I'm saying.

And what did he waste? He is throwing the same cryopod over and over. You are either a troll or have no idea how cryopods work. And besides, the video has subtitles explaining everything.

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