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qol *** Pause Maturation for imprints ***


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*** Pause Maturation for imprints ***

love the game , and the fact breeding has become slightly more achievable to those that are solo and work long hours with items like the cryo pod, but is there an opportunity to improve the mechanic and allow the solos and those that work long days and opportunity to fully imprint with out having to wait for the weekend or breeding events ? my suggestion is 

Allow a pause maturation option at imprint timer.

this would allow us to finish a days work and return home to gain the full imprint on a Dino , for example if the option is active " pause Maturation for imprint " then the next time the imprint is ready the dino would stop growing , it would continue to eat at the same rate so for a REX first imprint is around 9% and if left unattended would stay @ 9% until either imprinted or the food inside ran out. if the Rex was up there @ 45% it would happily sit eating from the feeders with out maturing until imprinted of feeders emptied.

   this gives flexibility to many 8 + hour workers but shouldn't  effect those that dont. 

it does not need to be an indefinite timer either , it could say only pause for "X" amount of hours if you took 6 hours for example it would give people that work 12 hour shifts the benefit ( give or take travel time to and from work)   


if any one sees a possible down side to this comment below ? i play mainly PVE so unsure if this would impact the PVP side of things 

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