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Teleporting rafts in ocean biome

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Teleporting rafts in ocean biome

Description of the bug: Place a raft in the lake found in the underwater terrarium, location shown in the first attached image. If the area gets unloaded (solo just teleporting to the bog will be enough) the raft will get teleported to the surface the next time the area is loaded, a prime location to be raided or destroyed by a swarm of parakeet fish.

How to reproduce: Place a raft in the underwater lake and go far enough away for the area to unload. Return to the SW teleport location island in the Ocean biome and watch your raft chilling in the waters just north of you, contemplating your life choices.


  • Playing on a singleplayer server, so not guaranteed the same happens on a dedicated server. 
  • Area is not a mission area, so this can be done on official by anyone.
  • To quickly get there, just head down after hopping off the north end of the SW island, past the pit filled with mosas.


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Deleted photo of the raft at the surface. Doesn't add anything for the report really
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