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Ferox Remains Broken

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Ferox is broken.... AGAIN.

Me, and a significant amount of other players on my server are unable to tame a ferox, the way it's supposed to be tamed mind you, after the recent "fix". No matter how much element you use, it will never display taming progress and results in a waste of time and element.

On top of a multitude of other things, which I'm sure other threads have covered too. But the TL;DR on that is; no imprint showing transformed, stats randomizing after transform/crypod, stats reverting as well. Would LOVE for something, anything, to just function semi properly with Genesis...

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11 hours ago, Bambamgrief said:

My pregnant ferox wasn't pregnant after patch and now it's stuck as small form with 1/1 element given and cant be cryoballed og picked up. It's like the animal is in a state between the 2 forms

Try to upload it. If it's a long way to a terminal you could try to grapple the Ferox. Never tested if it works, but I assume.

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Newest Ferox Bugs (3/18)

As of today, Ferox tame sort of correctly.  But there are still massive bugs making them really not functional.

Bug 1:  Ferox receive addiction from EVERY element they eat, meaning when you are taming them, they are increasing addiction.  Maybe that is intended, but I tamed a level 135 wild, and she arrived already 75% addicted.  Further, the first time to morph her, she took 1 element, the second time, she reported 78% addiction, and required 4 element.  And, feeding element, she reached 100% and took 5 before hulking.  This seems broken, to me.  The scaling makes no sense, and it seems unfair that this mechanic basically means they take 5 element from the start.  Just end the addiction and say they take 5 element.  That's basically what you're doing.

Bug 2:  This has been happening a while.  If you tame a wild Ferox, you get the level bonus, so my 135 was, I believe, 204.  But the minute I hulked it out, it reverted to 135, and stays there, now.  So I lost the bonuses, the stats, etc.  I am going to get a mated pair, and see if the babies at least lock in their birth level.

Bug 3:  Ferox seem quite prone to whatever anti-mesh punishment you have in place.  So when you are taming and they revert, they can get below the mesh, and be zapped, costing you all that element.

Bug 4:  This is a mod bug, but of note.  Awesome teleporters.  If you are  on a Ferox and clinging to a wall, when you teleport, once arriving, you will fly very fast through the world, back to that rock, still clinging to it.  Not sure if that's Awesome Teleporters bug, or something unique to the way the Ferox cling to things?

As it stands, Ferox take more element to tame, and operate, than almost any other system in game.  I can run a tek generator for weeks on what it takes to hulk out a ferox just a couple of times.  This just feels broken.  Unfair and punaitive.  It makes the Ferox unfun, and me dread the notion of using them, despite them being quite clever and looking fun to play with.

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Update:  After experimenting, I see that addiction falls rather rapidly, so my 100% addicted is down to 28% addicted after a few hours.  This is actually a good feature, but I still feel that it fully addicting from the tame is punishing.  New players getting their first Ferox have it too expensive to use right away.  But I no longer feel this is a bug, but rather a tuning issue, which players/designers will work out over time, I guess.

One new bug, though.  Not just Ferox, but shoulder pets.  If you are on the lunar biome, and throw them off your shoulder, then collect them again, upon returning to the Bog (dunno if this happens in other biomes) the shoulder pet retains the lunar gravity.  My otter flies quite far when I try to throw him off, now, making parking him in his "spot" quite the challenge.

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Hi guys, I was trying to tame some new Ferox this morning using Element being that  the knock out bug seems to be fixed. After feeding a piece of Element it hulks out for a few second then goes back to being small. The taming % stays at zero no matter how many times I feed it again. I tried this with a 150 and an 85.  Anyone else have this issue with taming?

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Okay, more Ferox testing.  Got myself a high level male to go with the female, figuring I'd mate them, to see if the baby locked in the higher level.  Nope, you can't.  Can't mate the female unless she's at 100% addiction, meaning she has to hulk out, and thus lose all her levels.  Seriously, this is the stupidest thing.  I mean, the whole level bonus and taming cycle is kind of central to Ark.  It's the Ark thing, right?  You'd think they could get THAT right.   I mean, serious dino breaking bugs for NEW features I get.  Can't easily test all the crazy things we'll do with the dinos, so stuff could be broken.  But, a core game feature, central to every game function, totally and completely broken at launch, and still broken well after launch?  Guys?  Really?

Meanwhile Wildcard's priority seems to be breaking everyone's engrams because a few people exploited one tek engram on PVP or something?  I lost hours and hours of work, bouncing to all the various worlds, learning the engrams, and getting back out (I keep getting lost in Abberation and finding a port out took me FOREVER).  Ark now crashes constantly with the "A resource was deleted before it was released" minor fatal error.  Ferox borked.  Magmasaur egg pickup borked.  Ocean zone crashes constantly, so borked.  Uh... guys?

So, to recap, Ferox DO fame with element, but it takes a LOT of it.  And element is HARD to get on Genesis.  I mean, element shards are around, and can be had.  Same with dust.  100 shards per element, 1000 dust.  BUT, the engram to convert it requires you to go to Extinction, which not everyone can do easily, and wildcard just erased my engrams, so I have to bloody f-ing go bloody f-ing back!

BUT, when you tame your 150 Ferox and she's now a nice ripe 224, with great stats, as soon as you feed her again, she will revert to 150.  A nice middle finger in your face, for all the element you wasted.

Worse, she will be nearly fully addicted at tame, costing 5 full element to hulk her out the very first time.  She WILL lose addiction over time, which is nice, except when you want to breed them.

Not sure why they revert in level, but it can't possibly be intended.  Especially since they DO get the bonus levels after taming, just lose them when hulking.  My guess is the fact it has two sets of stats, one for hulk, one for not, was just too much code for Wildcard to manage.  Flipping between the two stats for one entity.  So, on the first flip post tame, it grabs its created stats, not its tame stats, and you're f-ed.  

Once again, I'm very sorry to be snarky, but this is getting a bit ridiculous, don'tcha think?

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Honestly, I wonder what priority WC even puts fixing Ferox at. It' obviously very low. I just want an answer to whether the stat change when they hulk out is intended or not. Whenever I manage to transform any of my Ferox, they get completely random stats which means breeding for stats is pretty pointless. Is this intended? Is it supposed to be permanent (the stat change upon transformation)? I have had the whole lose the levels bug, of course, but my biggest concern is the random stat change. Honestly, if WC would just provide an answer.



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