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Tek Cave is Buggy

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ich habe bei mir das gleiche problem im singelplayer modus, ich öffne die höhle auf aplpha aber der oversser ist trotzdem gamma, ich habe die höhle 5 mal versucht auf aplpha zu öffnen aber immer war es nur gamma, obwohl der port rot für aplha war.

Bitte behebt diesen bug, da so der auftsieg unmöglich ist

Google translate:

I have the same problem with me in the single player mode, I open the cave on aplpha but the oversser is still gamma, I tried to open the cave 5 times on aplpha but it was always only gamma, although the port was red for aplha.

Please fix this bug, as it is impossible to win



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on my own unoffical Server 
we tryd it few times on our testserver and same issuies  on the Live Server

We start Alpha go int to the next teleporter pad which one is red and the overseer is gamma
If we start beta  the Beta version spawns but if we kill it and  want to spawn it says we need to create a new char
if we start gamma after the 2nd teleport pad the map is black and there is nothing in the oversser arena

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