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Turn off anti-meshing on PVE or find a way to stop false positives


On PVE servers, the anti-meshing system doesn't solve a problem, but it does create a problem and disenfranchise players.

The anti-meshing system creates a lot of false positives (at least a few a day in the reporting thread, plus presumably many more instances daily that go unreported), and "internal policies" won't allow GMs to replace dinos that the system destroys. Most false positives represent *hours* of effort for players being destroyed wrongfully.

I understand the need for anti-meshing on PVP servers, where meshing was a big problem, but on PVE servers the anti-meshing system itself is the problem. 

  1. Turn off the anti-meshing on PVE servers
  2. Put significant effort into fixing the system's rampant false positives. Some ideas for solutions that don't disenfranchise innocent people are below.
    1. Timer: make it so you have to be in the mesh for an amount of time before anti-meshing fires. Even a few seconds of lenience would probably prevent most false positives whiles till preventing most meshing from happening.
    2. Teleport out of the mesh.

It is very possible to prevent meshing without the system having innocent victims, with just a little thought to how it is approached meshing could be stopped without assuming everyone is being bad and punishing so many innocent players.

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